Those days are totally gone when women could not choose their life partners or say they has a very little number of choices, they had to marry forcefully . But today's generation has totally changed, women are getting more educated, getting more respectful place at our society. Now a day's women do not whishes to settle down at least not before they fulfill all their dreams.

Now try to understand there is no rules or qualities which an women want to see in her man. Each and every women searches for a unique smart character in her man and this searching qualities is different for every women. However there are few and certain number of common characters which every women whish in today's society.

With the starting of HubbLine matrimonial services throughout the Bangladesh, it has became easier for a woman to find her soul mate with all the characters she wishes to see. Today we will try to understand the common characters which every women tries to search within her man.

1. Honesty

When you will ask a couple the reason behind their success they will surely make the point 'honesty'. Unfortunately, most of us had faced the problem when people are in relationships, and they need to know if both side family agrees, it becomes very hard unless both of the couples are not honest to give their opinions. Honesty in relationship will bring you a great comfort zone with your mate. Honesty is not just about telling truth always, rather Honesty is about telling the truth in a way by which your partner will listen and get a benefit from it. This is where couples can bring positive energy which is need for negative ups and down in one's life. A little honesty is great to make small change and make the world a better place.

2. Maturity

In this world of false words women searches for a mature man enough to have ability to make independent decisions and stick to it. Remember immature man spend his daily life searching for possibilities and sit down doing nothing at the end of the day. There is no maturity without courage, to face this rough greedy world. Maturity is the ability to perform more work efficiently than you expected. A mature man will always take a high aim, run unless he will be successful in his dreams. A man who is mature enough to carry long - lasting relationships, solve deep difficulties in life attracts women.

3. Emotional Stability

Women are attracted towards men who are able to take long term commitments with them. Women love their partners who listen carefully before arguing judging others. Women love been treated as a princess, men who work hard to do so gets equal respect and treated as a king. No one in this world is perfect, everyone does mistake, women love men who learn to accept their mistake. A man should be ready always ready to forgive. Everyone loves to draw positive commitments but women really attract who are brave enough to point out and solve the problems within a relationship. If a man is ready to follow these he is a step towards true love.

4. Supportive Goals and Ambitions

After all Life is nothing without goals, dreams and inspirations. A partner with great support towards each other's goals is good for a Healthy Relationships. Support is one of the most important for a partner when no one stands at the time of need. Women love those men who can make her believe to support her goals and ambition even if her own parents or guardians reject to support her. Goals affects women how they shall choose their partners, women wants to see they spark of light in their partner ready to do anything for achieving their goals in life.

5. Confidence -

Women looks for a man with strong personality. A woman would like her man to accept her as she is, not try to change her for some self causes. Always keep in mind over confidence is too dangerous but with self-confidence comes happiness in relationships. A man can only love his lady if he loves himself. Women are attracted to the men who enjoy for the good qualities within woman, love their work, enjoy their success. Woman love men who try hard for being perfect and accept the mistake of their couples.

6. Make yourself clear

women do not expect their man to be perfect but learn to become perfect. Women are attracted to the men who love to express themselves before a woman, they love men who wishes to share feelings for his love. Women expect their man to clear any doubts or problem he is facing within the relationship. Women do not at all attract towards a man who is always silent and shows no feelings.

7. Love Chemistry

Last but very meaningful point men have to keep in their mind women love to create a love bond with her soul mate. Every relationship must contain love and fun. Women love those men who learn to pay respect, learn to understand someone, take time to earn trust. Remember if a man can not treat his women with equal support and respect their love chemistry will decrease and fly away with time.

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