Let's start with a story

Anika is the darling of everyone in the family. Meritorious student Anika is a family-oriented, decent girl who barely hangs out or gossip with her friends. And she was never into any special relationship or affair with anybody.

After completing her B.B.A, her family subsequently tends to get So many marriage proposals for her. Starting from his mother's friend's son to his neighbor’s aunt’s nephew, everyone sends marriage proposals to her parents. Anika's family struggles to understand who is the best groom for Anika.

Finally, with one of his father's colleague's sons, Anika got married. Their marriage was held in a very pompous way. Every member of their family becomes busy with marriage-related work. Shopping, decoration, managing the event, monitoring the chef, and what not! But Alas! Still, some guests were passing negative comments about the food quality of the wedding and were suspicious about whether the bride was wearing original gold or imitation. Anyway, the wedding was held successfully and every one of their family was delighted about that.

As Anika is a humble family oriented sweet girl, everyone in her in-laws likes her. But after 3 months of marriage, Anika's husband Anik started misbehaving with her. Anika becomes anxious and worried about this suspicious behavior of ANK. One Day, when Anika was making their bed, she finds some drug stuff under their bed. She informed her mother-in-law and told her that he needs treatment. Her mother-in-law denied it and said, “if you experience any problem with my son, you may leave, nobody will stop you”.

Anik used to beat Anika a lot. He was torching her every day. Anika informed me about all the incidents. They come to her in law's and take her from there. They have sent a divorce notice to Anik's family. Within 3 months, they got divorced.

Dear reader, I am not becoming irrelevant. Let me tell you another short story, then I will go for the key objectives of my blog.

After completing two years of a long-distance online love affair; Nisha and Nixon decide to meet and get married. Although their family had issues with this” Online affair” marriage, thinking of the happiness of their child they accepted it.

After a few years of getting married, both of them become Very busy establishing themselves. Nishat is an online entrepreneur; she has a baby as well. So, the maximum time she stays at home and does her work is dedicated and also looks after her child and the whole family? But Niloy becomes as busy as possible. Sometimes niloy doesn’t even come home from work. Occasionally, he goes on an office tour for 10/12 days. As if he doesn’t belong to this family, he is an outsider. Nishat thinks her husband is trying his best for their family. So, she never complains.

But, someday a lady called Nishat said, "Niloy is my husband, and he doesn’t belong to your religion, he is Hindu”. After hearing that, Nisha becomes speechless. When she asks this to Nixon, Nixon admits that it is true.

Nisha and Nixon got divorced after three months.

Marriage is a beautiful chapter in our life. In my opinion, our life can be divided into two parts 1. Unmarried life 2. Married life. There is a huge difference between unmarried life and married life. We often get involved in a marital relationship without thinking about the post-marital reality of maintaining our social status or being driven by emotions, which in turn makes our own lives unbearable.

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