The 'Three Magical Words - I love you' is everything someone wants to hear if she is in love. No matter how much the word is said, it's never-ending. Love is something to hide. You should disclose it when you get a chance. But saying 'I love you' always seems the same. Express love without saying that. Experts say it is better to show intelligence than emotion when expressing love to your partner. Many people cannot say 'I love you' considering the environment and the situation. Always be simple is to express your love. However, without saying this word, learn some intelligent ways to express love.

Don't forget to compliment

Your partner is doing a lot for you. Are you praising him? Don't forget to compliment the person you love. Your eyes will catch all the beautiful things of the person you love. So admire the person you love in front of your friends and family. Thank your partner for making your life attractive and easy. This gesture will make your partner understand how much you love him/her. Be truthful when you praise your partner, do not exaggerate.

Express Feelings

Most people think that your partner knows all about their feelings. But it is often the case that your love may know a little of your whole feelings. So express your inner feelings in front of your loved one. For example, if you miss your partner, tell him directly. You expose love and only keep the relationship lasting for a lifetime by expressing feelings. If you talk about love in words, you will see that the person will be fascinated by you. However, do not express false feelings at all. Have a pleasant time with the person you love.

Giving Time to Each Other

Many beautiful relationships get broken because of not giving time to each other. So, spending time with your partner is also an expression of love as it makes the relationship stronger. If there is study or work pressure, they both have to find time in it. Eating together or going out together can be a unique expression of love. Even after many days of marriage, there should always be time for each other, no matter how old the relationship is. If the two of you sit alone and talk for a while, the mental distance decreases. When you keep these small habits regularly see that there will merely be any quarrel.

Even if you are away, you can stay close to your loved ones. How? Do face time with your partner, and you will see she will like it the most.

Take Good Care

Love means being caring and responsible towards each other. Even if you are busy or away from her, you can remember her by calling or texting; it expresses the care you have for your partner. In addition, trust and confidence can make a relationship sweeter. If you have faith and trust, you will see how to maintain a relationship from far away. If your partner is upset, try to make him/her feel better.

Hug Often, Hold Hands

There is no comparison between hugging or holding hands with your partner to keep the relationship fresh. You can express love by hugging the person you love. Besides, never miss the chance to have the hand of your loved one especially in the hard times. A sudden hug or a kiss can change the situation. When talking to your partner, try to look him in the eye. Hold on to these habits no matter how old the relationship is.

Gift Occasionally & Randomly

You can express love by giving gifts to the person you love on special days. If he is a book lover, you can surprise him with a book by his favorite author. You can also choose teddy, crystal showpieces, pendants, rings, etc., as gifts. You can make beautiful gifts by making your cards on special days like Valentine's Day or his birthday. Occasionally organize a surprise party for your better half. Also, Express how much you love it in front of everyone. Sometimes gift randomly, you can bring chocolates and flowers for her. So, it works more than these occasional gifts. 

Cook For Her

Without waiting for any particular day, cook your partner's favorite food. Because who doesn't like to get a surprise? Surprise her with her favorite food on the dining table or in her tiffin box. Even if the food is not cooked well, there will not be any shortage of love. You can also write something funny or write a romantic message in a note.

Help & Support Your Partner

It is possible to know and understand each other by doing household chores together. You can express your love by writing small notes in the places where your partner works every day. If your partner is ever too tired or busy, help him share the work. Occasionally you can return home together with your partner. If your partner does a good job, be sure to encourage him. She will get a different kind of relief from you. If you can't praise, keep quiet, but don't condemn. 

Romantic Texts 

In the early days of love, you used to text a lot and massage on Facebook! Don't lose the habit even if your marriage is getting older. Then you will see that there will be sweetness. Send love-wrapped messages on these special days like birthdays anniversaries. 

Talk About Your Problems

If you are in a mess, do not hold back. It will be good for both. If you ever make a mistake, be sure to apologize. Try to understand the feelings of the person you love. If the person loves to talk or openly shares his feelings, give him a chance to speak. Listen to his words with your mind without expressing annoyance. This will increase his love for you.

One last thing is that love comes from feeling good about each other, and marriage happens. So don't delay and let your loved one know what is on your mind. You see, he may be waiting to hear the word of love in your mouth. You can bring a wide presence of love and care if you wish. So always maintain a good relationship with the person you love, try to understand each other.

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