When you get married, it's not about the guy only, but also his family that matters: especially if you are going to a joint family. You have spent years rising in a nuclear family with all the privacies you need; the joint family setup comes with some adjustments. If you are on the verge of it, give it a read.

No Panic

Be cheerful with what comes your way. After marriage, there will hardly be someone to guide you. Don't get panicked. Never formulate the idea of a joint family based on what you see in TV dramas. Because it can affect yourself; if you live in a joint family. Give some time and love.

You will settle in and build your relationships with all the family members in just a matter of time. Get in conversations take part in actions. Also, make sure that you have spent splendid time with the family members.

Feel at Home

You feel strange for you to have a different address to live. But that's okay to feel. Everyone goes through that feeling.

Sooner or later, you'll get used to it, that's. Your in-laws are your people. This idea will also integrate your thoughts after being a family member. If you have to think over something, think deeply. It would help if you didn't show that it matters to you. Please give your valuable efforts, and leave the rest on it. Never expect to get your ideas will be applauded or executed immediately. So if you do anything, make it with love and care.

Respect relatives

When you give respect, you get respect. You didn't need extra effort there when you were in your parent's home. But in your new home, you have to put in your best efforts. It's not ideal for expecting immense changes from the beginning, but it will gradually change. Make sure that you are not too rude to anyone. If you feel the pressure, talk to someone in the house or speak to them openly.

Extend Your Helping Hand

You have moved into a new home; now, your responsibilities will be unique. New ambiance brings new responsibilities. It might be tough for you to handle the new job. But the sooner you accept it, the better result you'll get. Nothing is better than trying genuinely. Help others in their work and be helpful to their problems.

Expect less, and this will make you happy. The more you try to strengthen the bonding, the more beautiful it gets.

Take the Criticism Positively

The nuclear family to Joint family journey is a lot of adjustment. There will be different kinds of people living under one roof. Each one has different opinions though it's normal. Typically, your statement can contradict someone. People will criticize your work no matter what happens. Sometimes you have to understand that things may not go in your favor. Relax! This is how everyone faces, and you have to accept the situation. Take time and give your best understanding to yourself. Try to understand the criticism. You'll win in the end.

Food Habit

You are worried about your food habit in your new family. There can be hundreds of differences come, but you have to balance them. The new kitchen will give you new experiences. Everyone has their style of cooking. In your new family, you might face that. Chances are 80% if you are married to an out district family. Different cultures and food habits are also different. You'll get used to it with time. Patience can win any problematic situation. Try to indulge in the culture. Embrace the new stuff. The other members will love you for that. And someday, they might embrace yours.

Handle the Family Drama

In a joint family, family dramas are a common thing. You cannot avoid it. Different people have different qualities and attitudes. These all initiate politics and drama under one roof. A new member's entrance could be troublesome. The tip is to stay out of contradictory discussions. As a new member, you need time to understand the situation. Always stay out of the controversy. Try to manage stuff by the family rules until you learn how to cope with the complexity and politics of the family. If there is a competitive incident, handle it calmly. Don't react or say much.

Compromised Privacy

You value your privacy a lot but be ready to face an endless invasion of your personal space; especially if you have grown up in a nuclear family, this might not be easy to accept the change overnight. But it would get better once you get accustomed to the new family members and spend time with them.

Marrying in a nuclear family is no less than winning a battle—all you have to understand is that you are the one who can manage everything. Countless compromises, ups and downs make you more substantial with time. You will be happy in the end.

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