Meeting somebody for an arranged marriage can give you butterflies. Talking from general interests to real-life problems, you can examine everything.

So when you meet with someone for marriage purposes, you wonder how to start the discussion? This question hinders quite a large number of people. Or maybe the person you're committed to now, if she has these qualities, then you should never let her go.

To take care of you, I have organized a rundown of inquiries that will assist you with building your discussion.

The reason for this process is to get you the potential soul mate you need in your life.

After knowing her family background and work insight, you want to dig further.

Easy going & Low Maintenance:

These two qualities, a girl who doesn't spend hours after hours preparing instead spark her with minor tweaks and be ready there just in time. Next, she will not shout at you for being a little inactive. And this type of calm nature is undoubtedly the most lucrative one to stay with someone.

A low-maintenance girl is not the one who is unclean or doesn't care for herself; somewhat, she does not exaggerate herself with tons of makeup or spend extravagant money on bags, shoes, and clothes. Moreover, you don't need to say "I love you" all the time. Instead, she is easygoing, calm and spread her charm everywhere she goes.

If you end up with a high-maintenance girl, what happens next? You love and care for her avidly; at the same time, your concentration may get loaded by the thoughts of not being able to fill up her expectations. And such uncertainties can collapse the bond.

Kind, Compassionate and Caring:

Having these qualities all together is rare to find. If she has the kind and compassionate beauty inside out, you will unquestionably get the right person. Being with such a beautiful girl is no less than a blessing. So it would be best if you were not late to propose to her for the marriage. She will bring joy, love, and enjoyment to your life.

She Is Confident and Stands Up for the Right:

Undoubtedly a woman is attractive if she holds enough courage to stand up for herself in any situation. Nobody should mistreat a woman for her excellent traits because of their interest. So when your girl is handling these hindrances with confidence and audacity, that boosts your respect for her. She respects herself; stands up there for what is right with complete confidence. Also, she hardly let anyone drag her down, insult or abuse her. The existence of these qualities doesn't count for self-importance or pride. These traits reflect that she respects herself and gives respect to people. Such a girl will always be a lovely gift for you that you can relish and love forever.

Independent in Her Choices:

An independent woman identifies what is best for her and what's not. She barely depends on others to lead her or coach her now and then. To marry an independent girl is one of the best you can take in your life. She will not rely on you emotionally and will understand enough to give you space and time. One of the most frequent objections that men have is that their women burst out with negative emotions if they cannot call them and that the women are holding and demanding. With an independent woman, you won't be disturbing these things. She will give you proper time and space just like she needs it. Altogether, life can go on perfectly if both husband and wife know when the other partner will need their comfort zone and be there in such hard times. The interdependency between two independent persons is quite rare, yet one can form a strong bond if you get a girl like that. Then you must feel happy and blessed for having such a wonderful girl in your life.


If your girl respects your goals and passions just like her own, she will be an admirable life partner. You have a better and more successful life ahead.

She will understand that everything cannot go around one person because responsibilities need to be shared. She will help you follow your dreams as she is self-reliant about her capabilities and talents. Simultaneously, you have to understand enough to let her live the dream. Marriage is a shared road so work together to make it successful.

To be a good wife, she has to have these qualities. But it's not possible to have everything in one person. You have to consider some of them. But it never matters unless the essential attributes she has. As to say, she must be loyal, respect you, and know how to deal with you.

As long as she is serious about your relationship, it helps build a sustainable married life. Then with time, as the relationship grows, she'll grow too. Remember that a perfect woman will always look forward to working on her relationship with her flaws. A good wife will always contribute a man to be a good husband.

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