If you are engaged to someone or you are going to marry someone, the days before marriage are significant. These days you can get the emotional catch of each other build up an understanding that will help improve your marriage. Dates before marriage can solely help you focus on each other, strengthening your connection. The spark of romanticism and urge to get married to each other even gets higher with the time spending together.

Here are the 8 best date ideas to get your partner to feel special and make your marriage enjoyable.

Discover the foodie thing in you

If both of you are foodie, add it to your partnership list because food connects two souls like it's filling your empty stomach. So make it a plan, go for the ultimate date plan. You need to know what's on your partner's favorite list. Spend time together, eat, laugh and crack some jokes you'll never know until you do it! You know your partner will love this, which will make you both closer. Going from one place to another and letting each other pick the places and dishes will help you guys bond. Explore different locations and just let both of you help choose it. Do not always be selective and prioritize yourself. Just remember whatever you are doing do it together.

Go for a long drive

Long is always a lovely idea to take your relationship to the next level. Do you have a secret place where you get the peace? Somewhere might be the sun looks tranquil, and the sunset looks beautiful?

So take your love there. Plan an early morning drive with your partner and enjoy the sun filling up the sky. Play some good music, sing along to the song, and hold hands together if comfortable with it. Trust me; this will be one of your best days together whenever you remember!

Ready for a midnight ice cream date?

Sometimes the movie tricks can be a better idea to add some romance to your life! You mustn't think much as anyone would love this undoubtedly. Suddenly call your partner at midnight and ask her out for an ice cream date. Pick one ice cream parlor of her choice and take her there. Never miss to surprise her once more by ordering the favorite flavor!

 Going out can be a bit difficult as our culture, but don't worry, we have a better plan. At this time, you can buy your favorite ice cream flavor and drive to your partner's house. Then wake her up with your call that you are waiting at the terrace. You can add more surprises like candles, fairy lights and make a sitting set up with both of your photos. We don't need to say more about how happy she will be after seeing your effort!

Do some adventure

Are you a fan of adventure? Oh! Yes, this time, you're not alone! So take your partner to a nearer adventure park or amusement park. You've already smelled the adventure! Take her on a date there because the little contradicting fights to hop on which ride and manage your partner to overcome the fear are best to bond stronger. After this date, your partner will rely on you even more.

Movie Date

A movie date never fails to impress your partner. So if both of you are a movie person, plan a movie date soon. Go for a movie she likes, grab caramel popcorn and choose the cozy seat. If it's a romantic movie, never wonder you might get similarities from movie scenes. And, if it's a horror one, it's going to be all fun! Never miss a movie date before your marriage.

Recreate special memories

We are emotional beings no matter what happens; emotion touches us like nothing on this planet. Good memories are always precious to us. So plan for a date to recreate a date you had with your significant one. This plan works like a magnet and surely going to melt the heart of the other one.

These begin with the little steps that we take and never end. Always remember these steps are not enough to make your relationship long-lasting. It never ends. You will always have to keep the consistency and after marriage, more comes with that. With the age of your relationship, it will only get stronger if you try.

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