For Bengalis, fish is extremely important. Not only does it serve as a relaxing dish on the table, but it is also an important part of Bengali Muslim weddings. Fish plays an important role in Bengali bride lives, from the 'Mukhe Vat,' a baby's first rice eating ceremony, to their weddings. You'll be surprised to learn that a Bengali Muslim wedding has a plethora of customs to commemorate the divine presence of fish. Fish is a requirement at all Bengali celebrations since fish is believed to be highly pure by Bengalis. Given the approaching wedding season, we've decided to inform you all about the Bengali wedding ceremonies in which the fish plays an auspicious role. Here's the skinny on each of them.


One day before the Bengali Muslim wedding, the rite is conducted. 'Aiburo' refers to an unmarried Bengali man or Bangladeshi girl, and 'Bhat' refers to rice, which is regarded as the final feast for a Bengali bride as a bachelor. To spoil their grown-up children, parents and relatives try to put together the nicest feast possible, which includes Bengali specialties such as channa dal, Shukti, Luchci/Puri, kosha Mangsho, mango or tomato Chutney, aloo Posto, Rosholgolla, and many more dishes.

Gaye Holud or Haldi

This ritual is performed on Bengali Muslim wedding day, where Bengali bride and groom prepare for their Gaye Holud ceremonies. In this ceremony both the families of the Bride and groom smear turmeric paste on the bodies of the bride and groom. For Bengali Bride Gaye Holud, the groom’s family without the groom pay a visit to the bride’s home. They come with a bride’s wedding outfit which she will don for the wedding and some sweets and gifts for her as a wedding gift. The mouth-watering fish preparations must be an unavoidable feature of this last feast. All fish preparations, from Maacher Jhol to Doi Maach, are carefully selected and cooked for a feast that will shortly be served.


The Gaye Holud rite is linked to it. The groom's family also brings a giant Rohu fish, in addition to the bride's wedding gown. The fish is dressed as a bride, with a silk saree, jewelry, sindoor paan, and turmeric paste. Good luck and prosperity are symbolized by the adorned fish. The groom's family is gifting the Bengali bride a beautifully adorned fish as a sign of their best wishes for her happiness as she embarks on her new adventure as a bride. Because fish is a symbol of good fortune, it is given to the bride by the groom's family to wish her happiness and happy marriage. Lets JOIN today at and explore!! Your beautiful new life awaits you!