It has been said that “Success in a marriage doesn’t come merely through finding the right mate but through being the right mate. “A marriage becomes happier if both the husband and wife can depend on each other for anything. Though being a good husband or a wife is not a cup of tea. Before you decide on the man you want to spend your whole life with, make sure he has these qualities to be in the place. We’ll be discussing the good qualities that make a man a good husband. It’ll help you to decipher whether you have found the man that you can share your life with.

He is trustworthy

This is one of the topmost qualities that any man should have to be a good husband. There have been researches that a trustworthy partner will make you feel fulfilled in your marriage. If you can trust your man, you can talk with anything without being judged. You know it enhances vulnerability and love. Trust and honesty are the very basis of a relationship. It’s very important to be transparent with your partner. Any relationship will survive if it has trust, love, and respect.

Great Communication

A man who can collaborate great communication with his partner is to be called a good husband. He knows how to express feelings and he also understands his partner. He merely gets angry or upset without a strong reason. Great communication skills help to decrease stress at the same time it connects two souls intimately. You’ll feel heard and understood by your partner.

A good husband respects his wife

Respect is another significant virtue that a good husband should have. If a man supports his wife he’ll support her goals, opinion, and dreams of life. He’ll go the extra mile to make your goals accomplished. And he would not make you do something that you’re uncomfortable with. A good husband will be considerate of his wife’s feelings, and he knows how to value them. He’ll support you and be with you whatever you go through in your life.

Walks hand on hand

A real man knows the value of equality. He’ll want to go ahead with you and achieve success together. This is one of the unique qualities that a man has to be a good husband. Your husband will not only think but he’ll also push you to do better things and move ahead. No matter what befalls your way, your man will never leave you alone. Your achievements will make him proud.

Makes you laugh

In a marriage, it’s important to laugh with each other which helps to de-escalate potential arguments, stress. So, a man who knows how to make you laugh and gets funny for you, he is the kind of husband you will be happy with. There are research that say sharing humor yields a higher probability of relationship success which leads couples to exchange positive thoughts towards their lives. A good husband will share his happiness and humors to make you smile the best.

A good husband teaches you new things

You’ll learn new things from your husband. He will contribute to your mental and social growth. An assignment was assigned by Sage Journal to married couples to engage in different activities together for 1.5 hours a week over ten weeks. The assigned actions were put into two different categories, Exciting or pleasant. The result was interesting. It showed that the exciting activities’ couples shared a higher level of satisfaction than the participants of pleasant activities.

Emotional Maturity

A good husband can get a pullover of his emotions and manage his emotions no matter what happens. A happy marriage does not mean it’ll be full of laughter and good times always. There will be times that will be hard to pass on. A good partner knows how to handle it tactfully. He won’t go outraged about things easily. Even if he does accidentally, he’ll apologize later. Most of the time he knows how to control his mind and takes steps towards understanding.

In the same way, if you do mistakes, he knows how to forgive you. Your partner will try to understand you no matter what! When in difficulties your husband will try to put himself in your shoes rather than judge you. Compassionate and forgiving mentalities contribute towards a happy and healthy married life.


Patience is the utmost quality that a good husband possesses. The longer the married life gets the harder it is! At one point in life, you might face difficulties understanding or forgiving each other. But a good husband gets patient through a hard time of yours. He will try to let go of the trivial things rather than choose peace for both of you. He will not just give up on you and lose patience. So patience will lead a couple to an ever-ending happy and strong married life.

Does your friend love him?

If you’re planning to marry someone you should know this. If your chosen man is loved by your circle, you know you’ve taken the right decision. A good man will always try to pick his best things as his part of life. He prioritizes your surroundings for you and becomes the better version of himself to make you proud. Your man will get well along with your friends and families. He will become a member eventually.

He should prioritize your relationship

Is your husband trying to spend more time with you whenever he gets the chance rather than staying outside? If he does then you should undoubtedly be happy and appreciate that. He’ll try to make you the priority no matter what! Even when things go off, he’ll try to solve it immediately rather than just putting the conversation off. Your husband will share his problems and will get your opinion to get rid of it. A good husband makes good decisions with the consent of his wife.

Caring Mentality

Caring is sharing love. It is the way of expressing love. Also, there’s a saying, ‘Love is caring’. A good husband takes care of your physical and mental health. He has a positive attitude towards you. He won’t hurt for anything. Moreover, he will give his best to protect his partner and his married life. His affections towards you will make you feel safe and comfortable. A good husband will be there for you whenever you need him. He will share your pains as well as your happiness.

To be a good husband he has to have some of these qualities. But some of your husbands or partner could lack a few. But it never matters unless the basic qualities he has. As to say, he must be loyal, respect you, and know how to deal with you.

As long as he sticks to you and is serious about your relationship, he is sufficient for the rest of your life. Then with times as the relationship grows, he’ll grow too. Remember that a perfect guy will always look forward to working on his relationship with you. But in return, he will also want your attention, love, loyalty, and care, and so on. A great husband is mostly made by a great wife.